Entreprenuer Under 35
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CORE OBJECTIVE OF The Entrepreneurs Under-35 Project:

To Develop Over Three Thousand (3,000) NEXT-IN-LINE MDs & CEOs Who Shall Be Listed Amongst The Next-Rated Top Names and Brands In The Global Business News, Seven Years After Their Boot-Camp.

About  Entrepreneurs Under 35 Program

Global economic researches have shown that small and medium scale enterprises (SMSE) are the fundamental drivers of the economy of any nation on the planet.
History beckons as over "3,000 Young 🌱, Smart, & Intelligent People" below the age of Thirty-five Years (35yrs) are about to be released into the Global Market Space as The-Next-IN-LINE MDs & CEOs who in the next Seven years shall be listed amongst the World's Next-Rated Top Names and Brands in the global business news; given the amount of training, mentorship, business capital support and fundraiser solution/support that they shall be given and shall be made accessible to them.

Here comes The Entrepreneurs Under-35 Project.

ENTREPRENEURS UNDER-35 is an Online Entrepreneurs Mentorship Program that hosts over three thousand (3,000) participants below the age of thirty-five (35) years in an Online Boot-Camp for 35-Days. These participants shall be called Gladiators.
Each day in the Boot-Camp will be loaded with Professional Certification training/courses, games of brands and intelligent tasks for the Gladiators.
There shall be no eviction of any Gladiator in the Boot-Camp from Day-1 To Day-35.
Hence all the gladiators shall be equally offered all the courses together and they shall be eligible to receiving ALL THE CERTIFICATES and TRAINING MATERIALS that shall be made available after the Boot-Camp if and only if they are in the Most Outstanding One Thousand Participants' Category. Quite amazingly, Very Successful & Top Business Executives, (Home & Abroad) shall be members of the Mentors-Bench and Trainers/Faculty, that shall coach, empower, train and mentor the GLADIATORS for thirty-five (35) days while in the Boot-Camp.

Be Reminded That: The Participants, Proteges, Mentees, Contenders or Entrepreneurs-In-Training in this Online Boot Camp are the ones that shall be called GLADIATORS.